Greenwood Cemetery Monument Relocation

The Knights of Pythias Greenwood Cemetery is undergoing continued efforts to restore the property to its original beauty.

 Chartered on October 26th, 1869, by Knights of Pythias Member and Cemetery President, William Myers; the property was created to maximize the rolling plains popular in the rural cemetery movement during the time. Initial plans included both a manmade lake and a gatehouse at the cemetery entrance. Unfortunately, the original plans were never fully realized.

 In 2008, when the Cemetery was acquired by its current owner, the Board of Directors committed to restoring both the grounds and the historic house to its past beauty. The significant, historic restoration efforts received the 2010 Industry Award for preserving historical and cultural resources by the American Cultural Resources Association. Major exterior and interior renovations were completed along with a substantial landscape overhaul.

 In addition to this, Greenwood Cemetery announces that restoration efforts to relocate vulnerable monuments stored during the cemetery beautification process has begun. Joe Hevener, Greenwood Cemetery Property Manager states “Returning the monuments moved during this phase of re-beautification will complete the fourth phase of the overall planned beautification and will bring us another step closer to restoring the landscape intended.”

 This current iteration of the project, will be completed in three phases and will occur over a four month period as weather permits. Phase I, scheduled for June-July, will consist of a land surveyor reestablishing the burial grid and the development of field maps to assist workers with proper monument alignment. The Board of Directors will continue to make improvements to the cemetery grounds and will notify the public as these renovations occur.